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A Voyage by Sea (аудиозапись топика)

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Nelly: Hello, Ann. Haven't seen you for ages!

Ann: Oh, I've been on a wonderful journey. I travelled to Odessa and then had a voyage by sea.

Nelly: Fantastic! Did you go there with your parents?

Ann: I did. I travelled with Mum and Dad. We left Moscow for Odessa by train.

Nelly: Did you like it?

Ann: Yes, indeed. Our journey was very nice. I had a comfortable seat near the window.

Nelly: Did you have to change anywhere?

Ann: Oh, no. We were lucky. It was a through train.

Nelly: When did you arrive in Odessa?

Ann: At midnight. We were tired, and we missed the last bus, you see. So we took a taxi and went straight to a hotel.

Nelly: Did you stay there long?

Ann: No, we didn't. In fact we spent only a night there. In the morning we caught a bus to the port as our ship left at 10.

Nelly: Is Odessa a big port?

Ann: It certainly is. You can see a lot of ships from different countries there.

Nelly: How was it at sea?

Ann: I think, there is nothing like travelling by sea. I liked the sea and the wind, I liked the friendly faces of the people, and the food, and the music on the ship radio. By the way, there was a swimming pool on board the ship, so I could swim a lot.

Nelly: What was the weather like?

Ann: Fantastic! It was very warm, but never too hot. Once it rained, but it was sweet warm rain, so I liked it, too.

Nelly: Did you take any pictures?

Ann: I certainly did. I took many pictures of different places. Come and see me some day. We'll look through them and I’ll show you the video, too.

Nelly: Thanks. I will.