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Animals in Danger (аудиозапись топика)

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I'm a pupil. I have to work hard. But Saturday and Sunday are my days off and I can really have a good rest. Most of all I like to go to the Zoo on these days. Last week my classmates and I went to the Zoo We saw many animals there: tigers and lions, elephants and monkeys, giraffes and crocodiles, wolves and foxes, white bears and brown bears, horses and hares We saw many different birds, too.

We learnt that many animals and birds are in danger Modern life is bad for them. The air is not fresh. The water is not clean. They don't often have good things to eat and space to live. People hunt them or ruin their habitats, because they need the land for farming. Or we build towns and cities where there was once countryside

African elephants are also wonderful animals They can help men But today there are not many of them in African parks, because hunters shoot them They want to sell the elephants' tusks, because people make statues and necklaces with them. Many other wild animals are in danger, too.

My classmates and I were very sorry to learn all these facts Now we know we have to protect and save wild animals and their habitats. We should take special care of nature.


1 What are your days off?

2 When can you really have a good rest?

3. Where do you like to go?

4 Where did you go last week?

5. What have you learnt?

6. Is modern life good (bad) for animals and birds?

7 Is the air fresh?

8. Is the water clean?

9. Can African elephants help men?

10. Are animals in danger? Why?

11. What do we have TO do?