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My birthday (аудиозапись топика)

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I like holidays. But my favourite one is my birthday.

My birthday is on __________, the __________. Last year I invited my friends to my birthday party. In the morning, when I was still in bed, my Mum & Dad came into my room. They kissed me & said: “Happy Birthday to you, dear!” Then my parents gave me a present – it was a new mobile phone, & it was a surprise!!!

At 3 o’clock the door bell rang. I opened the door & saw my friends. They shouted “Happy Birthday!” & gave me their presents: books, new toy animals & CDs. I was really happy. Soon we ate & drank a lot of tasty things: salads, fruits, sweets, cookies, ice-cream, juice & lemonade. There was a birthday cake with 11 candles on it. I was 11 that day. In the end we danced & played musical chairs. It was fun. Everybody was pleased & the party was really exciting.


1. When is your birthday?

2. When & where were you born?

3. Who was the first to say to you “Happy Birthday”?

4. What were your presents that day?

5. Did you have a birthday party?

6. Who came to wish you happy birthday?

7. What did you do at your birthday party?

8. What games did you play?

9. Did you enjoy your Birthday?

10. What present did you like most of all?