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Samara & Leisure Time (аудиозапись топика)

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I live in Samara. It is a big city: there are lots of cars, buses, vans & trams. So, you must be very careful when you want to cross a street or a crossroad.

I think our city is very beautiful because there are lots of places to see & to visit. For example, there are theatres & cinemas, museums & libraries, parks & funfairs, sportclubs & swimming pools, restaurants & cafes, shopping centers & supermarkets. In my free time I like going to the museum, to the cinema or to the theatre.

Last Saturday we had a good time, because we went to the museum & saw fantastic paintings by great artists Turner, Ivazovsky & Repin. Turner lived in England & he liked painting the sky & clouds. Ivazovsky is a Russian artist, he liked painting the sea. We saw his famous canvas "The 9th Wave". I was also lucky to see the pictures by Russian artist I. Repin. He liked painting landscapes & our great Russian river Volga.

So, this is the way we spend our free time.


1. Where do you live?

2. What kind of city is Samara?

3. Were you born in samara?

4. What places of interest are there in Samara?

5. Where do you like to spend your free time with your parents & friends?

6. What is your hobby?

7. Where did you recently go?

8. Did you enjoy your visit to the museum?

9. What other sights would you like to visit?